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One aspect of the moving process that people tend to overlook is packing. Loading and unloading all your valuables can be time-consuming, which is why the experts at Stuart’s Moving & Storage in Indianapolis can provide you with a stellar packing service. We are a packing company that goes the extra mile to ensure that everything is safe and secure, and if there is anything of sentimental value you want to be certain is protected, just let us know! We are skilled at wrapping furniture, and we will bring boxes of all shapes and sizes to ensure that everything has its place. For particularly fragile items, we offer a crating service that includes custom crating to make sure something of extreme value will be safely transported on your move.

We Stock All Necessary

Boxes & Other Moving Supplies

In addition to moving boxes, you are going to need many more moving supplies to ensure that the move goes smoothly. Our professionals can provide you with extra padding, bubble wrap, pods, specially made containers, and other essential materials. We can even bring in specialized equipment to move all those boxes from your home to the rental trucks or trailers. If you need some help unpacking at your new destination or storing certain items for an extended period of time, we can help you out with that as well.

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Our commercial movers have loads of experience helping families and businesses move locations within the city or even across states. That means we can help you no matter what the scale of the project is. Simply give us a call at 317-924-0505 to learn more about all the various services we offer to see if you can benefit. A number of people in Indiana have seen the stellar service we provide, and we can do the same for you!

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